Harrier vs a Harrier Kawundo, which one should I buy?

There is the ordinary Harrier which normally comes in White colour and then we have the Harrier Kawundo which one of the trending cars in Uganda. All cars are great to own however if you were planning to buy one of those vehicles, you have to make the right decisions in order to ensure that you never regret. If you were to make the right choice, you will find that the best choice comes down to a few factors which include:

The amount of money in your pocket.

There is no doubt that the amount of money we are willing to spend on any particular item has a limitation of our choice. If we are willing to spend any amount of money for a particular product, then the limitation factors are left out.

When making the right choice between the Harrier ordinary and the Harrier Kawundo, you have to know how much you are going to spend. The Harrier Kawundo is a bit expensive than the Harrier ordinary, if you have little money; you would consider the Harrier Ordinary however in case you have the money, you can go for the harrier Kawundo. The new Harrier Kawundo 2009 model goes for 65m.


When trying to look for a more comfortable car, I bet the Harrier kawundo beats its counterpart the Harrier ordinary. Both cars are really comfortable but the Kawundo adds another layer of comfort. You will really enjoy every moment in the car.


If you are someone who loves trending products, I would highly recommend going for the Harrier Kawundo. The Kawundo is one of the trending cars in Uganda. The car is popular among the middle income group of people. Because it is a  trendy car, everyone is trying hard to get their hands on it. I would go for the Harrier kawundo if I’m considering trending items.

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