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Buy a Toyota Voxy in Uganda.

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The Toyota Voxy is a compact minivan (MPV) produced by Toyota Motor Corporation. It was first introduced in 2001 and has been primarily targeted at the Japanese domestic market and some select international markets. The Toyota Voxy is known for its practicality, spacious interior, and versatility, making it a popular choice for families and transportation services. Here’s an overview of the Toyota Voxy history:

  1. First Generation (2001-2007): The first-generation Toyota Voxy was introduced in 2001. It was designed to provide a practical and efficient minivan option for customers seeking a spacious and comfortable vehicle for family use. The first-gen Voxy featured a boxy and functional design, offering seating for up to eight passengers in a three-row configuration.
  2. Engine Options and Features: The first-gen Toyota Voxy was available with various engine options, including small-displacement gasoline engines, catering to different market preferences for fuel efficiency and performance. It offered a range of features and amenities, focusing on convenience and comfort for passengers.
  3. Facelift and Updates: Throughout its first-generation production, the Toyota Voxy received facelifts and updates to its exterior and interior design, along with improvements in safety and technology features.
  4. Second Generation (2007-2014): In 2007, Toyota launched the second-generation Voxy. This version received a complete redesign with updates in styling, technology, and safety features. The second-gen Voxy continued to offer a spacious and comfortable interior for passengers and became even more popular among families and transportation services.
  5. Third Generation (2014-Present): The current third-generation Toyota Voxy was introduced in 2014. It features a more modern and refined design, along with technological advancements and improved safety features. The third-gen Voxy continues to offer a comfortable and versatile interior for families and transportation businesses.

Throughout its history, the Toyota Voxy has been appreciated for its reliability, durability, and spaciousness. It has become a popular choice for customers seeking a well-rounded minivan that can accommodate a large number of passengers and provide ample cargo space.


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