Toyota Rumion for sale Kampala

Buy a Toyota Rumion in Kampala.

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The Toyota Rumion is among the emerging popular cars in Uganda. The car is now popular in the country and if you are to count among the 15 common cars in the country, the Rumion will always appear somewhere.

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Buy a Toyota Rumion in Uganda.

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Uganda Used Toyota Rumion for sale in Kampala.

We sell Ugandan used Toyota Rumion in Kampala.  Due to the popularity of the car, there are many people who own the car however  some of those people are willing to cash in their cars for different reasons. If you are looking for a Ugandan used car, we will do the necessary effort to make sure that we get it for you. You will simply relax as we find the perfect car. You will surely have a great time.

Rumion price in Uganda.

The brand new Toyota Rumion 2011 model  costs about 35m plus however if you are looking for the best Ugandan Used car, be sure to at least have 25m.

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The Toyota Rumion is a subcompact hatchback produced by Toyota Motor Corporation. It was first introduced in 2007 and has been primarily targeted at the Japanese domestic market. The Toyota Rumion is known for its practicality, spacious interior, and fuel efficiency, making it a popular choice for urban driving and small families. Here’s an overview of the Toyota Rumion history:

  1. First Generation (2007-2015): The first-generation Toyota Rumion was introduced in 2007. It was designed to provide a practical and efficient subcompact hatchback option for customers seeking a versatile and compact car for daily commuting. The first-gen Rumion featured a boxy and functional design, offering ample headroom and cargo space despite its small exterior footprint.
  2. Engine Options and Features: The first-gen Toyota Rumion was available with various engine options, including small-displacement gasoline engines, catering to different market preferences for fuel efficiency and performance. It offered a range of features and amenities, focusing on convenience and ease of use for urban driving.
  3. Collaboration with the Scion xB: In some markets, including the United States and Canada, the Toyota Rumion was sold as the Scion xB, which was a brand of small cars sold by Toyota under the Scion brand. The Scion xB shared the same platform and design as the Toyota Rumion.


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