Toyota Prado for sale Uganda

Buy a Toyota Prado in Uganda.

Are you looking for the best Toyota Prado for sale in Kampala or any part of the Uganda? We will help you find the best car. The Toyota Prado is one of the famous cars for the middle class.

If you have attained that status, you can easily buy the car. You will surely have a smooth Journey with this wonderful car.

We will help you get the best car. Are you a proud owner of a car and you are looking for a buyer, we will help you find the perfect buyer for your car. You will simply have a great time with Us.

Buy a Toyota Prado in Kampala.

We sell the best new Toyota Prado in Kampala. We will make sure that you enjoy a wonderful moment by simply buying the new Prado. Are you searching for the Toyota Ronaldo or any other model, we will make sure that we sell you the best car. The Toyota Prado Ronaldo model is common. You can easily get a brand new with a new number plate.

Used Toyota Prado for sale in Kampala.

We sell the best used Toyota Prado in Kampala. There are many owners of Prado cars in Uganda. Most of the Prado owners have put their cars on sale.

If you are looking for a Ugandan used Toyota Prado, we will do the best effort  to make sure that you get the best car. Enjoy a wonderful experience in a Used car. Get the best Toyota Prado diesel by simply getting in touch.

Price of Toyota Prado in Uganda.

You can get a Ugandan used Toyota Prado Ronaldo at a good price starting from 60millions.  However if you are looking for a brand new Toyota Prado Ronaldo, you can get starting from 110millions.

More than 23 Used and New Toyota Prado cars for sale in Kampala Uganda at our dealership. Price starting from USh 70000000.

Get the car today by simply getting in touch with us.

The Toyota Land Cruiser Prado, commonly referred to as the Toyota Prado, is a mid-size luxury SUV produced by Toyota Motor Corporation. It is a smaller version of the Toyota Land Cruiser and has gained popularity for its blend of off-road capability, comfort, and versatility. The Prado has a long and storied history, dating back to the 1980s. Here’s an overview of the Toyota Prado history:

  1. First Generation (1984-1996): The first-generation Toyota Land Cruiser Prado was introduced in 1984. It was initially designed as a more compact and affordable version of the Toyota Land Cruiser, tailored to meet the needs of customers who desired a capable SUV for both on-road and off-road driving. The first-gen Prado featured a body-on-frame construction, offering excellent durability and off-road capabilities.
  2. Second Generation (1996-2002): In 1996, Toyota launched the second-generation Prado. This version received a complete redesign with updates in styling, technology, and interior features. The second-gen Prado offered a more refined and comfortable experience for passengers, making it a popular choice for families and urban drivers.
  3. Third Generation (2002-2009): The third-generation Toyota Prado was introduced in 2002. It featured a more modern and aerodynamic design, along with further improvements in interior comfort and amenities. The third-gen Prado continued to offer a combination of off-road capabilities and on-road comfort, appealing to a wide range of customers.


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