Toyota Alphard for sale Kampala

We sell the best Toyota Alphard in Kampala.

If you would like to buy the Toyota Alphard, we will make the best effort to ensure that you get the best Car. If there is any family car that is popular, it is truly the Toyota Alphard. The car is comfortable enough and good for long group or family travels, you will simply enjoy every single moment in the Alphard.

Should you have the Toyota Alphard and you are looking for a buyer, we will help you find the best buyer for your wonderful car.

Buy a Toyota Alphard in Uganda.

We sell the best new Toyota Alphard in Uganda. Everyone loves to drive a new car, the car with a new number plate. If you are looking for a car with a new number plate, we will be ready to serve you. You will simply have a good time in the Alphard.

Ugandan used Toyota Alphard for sale.

We sell the best Ugandan used Toyota Alphard. We have a wonderful network of car brokers and we are able to source the cars directly from them. If you are looking for a Ugandan used Toyota Alphard, there are many chances that you will get one. We will help you find the perfect Toyota Alphard at the best price. You will simply enjoy every single moment.

Price of Toyota Alphard in Uganda.

The Toyota Alphard is one of the popular family cars on the market. A lot of people want to know how much they need to have to fully buy this wonderful car.

When it comes to pricing, there are different factors that are considered and mainly, the year of manufacturer, mileage and number plate. You can get a good used 2006 Toyota Alphard for about 25m plus however models like 2018 are quite expensive.

We have a Toyota Alphard 2010 white costing USh 50millions.


The Toyota Alphard is a luxury minivan produced by Toyota Motor Corporation. It was introduced to the Japanese domestic market in 2002 and has since become popular in various Asian markets. The Alphard is known for its upscale features, spacious interior, and comfortable ride. Here’s an overview of the Toyota Alphard history:

  1. First Generation (2002-2008): The Toyota Alphard was first introduced in 2002 as a replacement for the Toyota Granvia/Hiace Regius. The first-generation Alphard featured a contemporary and luxurious design, offering seating for up to eight passengers. It was available in various trim levels, catering to different customer preferences for features and amenities.
  2. Second Generation (2008-2015): In 2008, Toyota launched the second-generation Alphard. This version featured a more refined and elegant appearance, with updated styling and improved aerodynamics. The interior received updates as well, offering more comfort and convenience features for both passengers and the driver.
  3. Hybrid Variant: Throughout its generations, the Toyota Alphard has been offered with various engine options, including gasoline and hybrid powertrains. The hybrid variant, known as the Toyota Alphard Hybrid, was introduced to cater to customers seeking a more eco-friendly and fuel-efficient option.
  4. Third Generation (2015-Present): The third and current generation of the Toyota Alphard was introduced in 2015. This version further improved its luxurious features, with a focus on providing a premium and sophisticated driving experience. The third-gen Alphard also received updates in terms of safety technology and connectivity features.
  5. Alphard Executive Lounge: In some markets, Toyota offers a higher-end variant called the Alphard Executive Lounge. This version provides even more luxurious amenities, including plush seating, premium entertainment systems, and enhanced sound insulation for a quieter cabin.
  6. Alphard/Vellfire Twin: The Toyota Alphard is closely related to another luxury minivan called the Toyota Vellfire. Both models share the same platform and many components, but the Vellfire has a slightly different exterior design and is positioned with a sportier and more aggressive appearance.

The Toyota Alphard has gained popularity in markets where luxury minivans are sought after for family use and chauffeur-driven transportation. It is known for its smooth and comfortable ride, advanced features, and a sense of luxury that sets it apart from more conventional minivan models.


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