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The Toyota Allex is a compact hatchback that was produced by Toyota Motor Corporation primarily for the Japanese domestic market and some select markets. It is closely related to the Toyota Corolla and shares many components with the Corolla model. Here’s an overview of the Toyota Allex history:

  1. Introduction (2001): The Toyota Allex was introduced in 2001 as a replacement for the Toyota Sprinter, which was discontinued in the Japanese market. The Allex was positioned as a more premium and sporty version of the Corolla, targeting younger and more style-conscious buyers.
  2. Platform and Design: The Allex shared its platform with the ninth-generation Toyota Corolla, which was in production at the same time. It featured a compact hatchback design with a stylish and modern appearance, offering a blend of practicality and a touch of sportiness.
  3. Engine Options: The Allex came with various engine options, including small-displacement gasoline engines, catering to different preferences for fuel efficiency and performance. In some markets, it was also available with a more powerful engine variant for those seeking a sportier driving experience.
  4. Interior Features: Inside, the Toyota Allex offered a comfortable and functional cabin, providing seating for five passengers. The interior design focused on simplicity and ease of use, with features such as air conditioning, power windows, and modern infotainment systems.
  5. Markets and Name Variations: While the Toyota Allex was primarily marketed in Japan, it was also sold in some other regions under different names. In some countries, it was known as the Toyota RunX, while in others, it was sold as the Toyota Corolla RunX.
  6. End of Production: As consumer preferences shifted towards SUVs and crossovers, the demand for compact hatchbacks like the Allex declined over time. Toyota eventually discontinued the production of the Allex, and it was no longer included in the company’s lineup in subsequent years.

While the Toyota Allex had its run in the early 2000s, it has been succeeded by other models in Toyota’s lineup. The company continues to offer a range of compact vehicles, catering to various market segments and customer preferences



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