Pickup for sale Uganda.

Buy a Pickup in Uganda.

If you are looking for a wonderful pickup in Uganda, kindly consider talking to us. We will make sure that you get the best car at the most affordable price. We sell a wide range of cars which include the Nissan, and other car brands.

We mostly sell the cars in Kampala however if you are located in any part of Uganda, we will do the best to get you the car.

The pickup is one of the most common cars that has multi-purpose usage in the country. They can be used to travel to the village since most of them are very strong.  They are farm friendly. If you own a farm in any part of Uganda, you can easily use the car to transport you and also do certain work at the farm.

Great pickups can also be used a business car. You can travel to work with the car.

Buy a Pickup in Uganda.

If you are looking for brand new car for sale in Uganda, we will certain help you get the best truck. We have the best fleet of New car at the best price. We have a wide range New used cars. If even you are looking for Zero mileage, you will surely get it.

Used Ugandan Pickup in Uganda.

For clients looking for Ugandan used car for sale, we will make sure that you get the best Ugandan used pickup at the best price.

Pickup price in Uganda.

The pickup is one of the most affordable cars on the Ugandan market. There are cheap and high-tech pickups to choose from. The price of buying a car fully depends on many factors such as whether the car is new or used.  The other factor to consider is the pickup brand and model. However for starters, you can get a good used Ugandan pickup starting from 40m.

If you are looking to buy a car in Uganda, kindly contact us today.

Pickup History.

The history of pickup trucks can be traced back to the early 20th century when manufacturers started modifying existing vehicles to serve as utility vehicles for transporting goods and materials. Here’s an overview of the pickup truck history:

  1. Early Developments (1900s-1920s): In the early 1900s, car manufacturers began producing light-duty trucks by modifying their existing passenger car models. These early trucks had open cargo beds at the back for transporting goods. They were commonly used in agricultural and industrial settings due to their versatility and ability to carry loads.
  2. Ford Model T Runabout with Pickup Body (1925): In 1925, Ford introduced the Model T Runabout with Pickup Body, which is often considered the first mass-produced pickup truck. It was a modified version of the Model T car with a cargo bed at the rear. The pickup body was made of wood and steel and had a capacity to carry up to 1,000 pounds of payload.
  3. Pickup Trucks Become Popular (1930s-1950s): In the 1930s and 1940s, pickup trucks gained popularity among consumers as more manufacturers started producing them. Companies like Chevrolet, Dodge, and International Harvester joined Ford in offering pickup truck models. During this period, pickup trucks became not only work vehicles but also a mode of personal transportation.
  4. Post-World War II Boom (1950s-1960s): After World War II, the pickup truck market experienced significant growth. Truck designs evolved, and manufacturers introduced various innovations to improve comfort and utility. Full-size pickup trucks with enclosed cabs and improved cargo beds became more prevalent.
  5. Compact Pickup Trucks (1970s-1980s): In the 1970s and 1980s, compact pickup trucks gained popularity as consumers sought more fuel-efficient and maneuverable vehicles. Models like the Toyota Hilux, Nissan Datsun (later Nissan Frontier), and Ford Ranger offered a smaller and more economical option compared to full-size pickups.
  6. Luxury and Lifestyle Pickups (1990s-Present): In the 1990s and beyond, pickup trucks evolved to cater to a broader range of customers, including those seeking more luxurious and lifestyle-oriented vehicles. Manufacturers introduced premium features, more comfortable interiors, and advanced technology in their pickup truck models.
  7. Modern Pickup Trucks: Modern pickup trucks come in a variety of sizes, from compact trucks to full-size models. They offer a range of engine options, including gasoline, diesel, and hybrid powertrains. Pickup trucks today are known for their towing and hauling capabilities, advanced safety features, and high-tech infotainment systems.
  8. Electric Pickup Trucks: In recent years, there has been a surge in interest in electric pickup trucks. Several automakers have announced plans to produce all-electric or plug-in hybrid pickup truck models, aiming to offer eco-friendly alternatives in the truck market.

Today, pickup trucks remain popular in various regions, serving as both work vehicles and lifestyle choices for consumers who value their versatility, utility, and ruggedness. The pickup truck market continues to evolve, with a focus on innovation, performance, and meeting the diverse needs of customers.


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